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What To Do When You Get In Accident Abroad?

If you’re planning on going on a little getaway from your home, you might consider going out of the country. I mean, who wouldn’t? What’s the best way to run

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What To Know About Skate Parks To Prevent Injuries

School is out! That means kids, teenagers and young adults have more time to have fun. You may find more people – especially younger children at the mall, coffee shops,

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5 Tips On Driving In The Rain

Even though it’s summer, Florida will always get hit with the bipolar weather. That means rain, rain and more RAIN! Let’s not talk about hurricane season. June is diving in

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How To Prevent A Boat Accident

When the water is right, it’s the perfect time to chill at the marina and have a boat party. Matter of fact, a majority of marinas may issue events for

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What To Look Out For At The Beach This Summer

Summer is upon us! The kids are out of school and the sun is out (hopefully it is for South Florida). Even if it isn’t, a little rain never scares

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Product Defect Liability – Why Should You Care?

Believe it or not, there are many product defects that are likely to give you an injury. Sounds weird, right? You are probably asking yourself, “how can a product give

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The Juice That Makes Your Car Go VROOM!

Imagine what’s under the hood of your car. Then, imagine the parts that rub against each other. Do you keep them dry? Absolutely not! If you don’t have a lubricant

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What To Do When Someone Is Drowning

The season for beach and pool days are peering through the horizon. But for Floridians, any day when there is no rain, they head to their backyard or the beach.

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Migos Rapper Offset is Grateful to See Another Day After a Car Accident in Atlanta

On Thursday, May 17, Migos rapper Offset was involved in a car accident in Atlanta. He had a brief stay in the hospital with reports of his fiancée Cardi B

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A Few Hazards From Camping

Have you ever went camping in the woods or in a state park? It can be exhilarating to be one with nature, but if you are not prepared nature can bite

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