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Reasons to Go to Driving School

When in Miami, there is no doubt that you will encounter reckless driving or some bizarre driving “hack” a local might portray. You’ll be behind the wheel asking yourself, “what

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Car Safety For Babies

This is for the first time parents. Having a baby can be a delight, yet worrisome. You have a tiny human who relies on you for everything – including their

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3 Types of Cars That Will Last Longer

If you’re debating on investing on a car you’re probably thinking, “how long will it last me?” The longer the car can hold, the more you save money (also considering

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Three Signs You Need To Have Your Car Checked

It happens to all car owners. You will hear yourself say, “I need to get my car checked.” This happens after a while you have driven your vehicle or have

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Want The Clay Bar Treatment?

If you know a car enthusiast, you might hear them say they are giving their car a clay bar treatment. What exactly is this? It’s basically waxing/cleaning your car from

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Three Personal Items You Should Keep In Your Car

Do you ever rush out of your house, hop into your car and think, “I can really use that right now”? Yeah, us too! We’re pretty sure we’ve all been

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What To Take In Consideration Before Purchasing A Car

When purchasing a car – new or used – you need to do some research before you hand in the cash. Investing into a car is like investing into a

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5 Things You Should Keep In Your Car

When on the road you wouldn’t think of having an “emergency kit,” do you? Well, you should! The average American spends an hour or more a day on driving and

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What Should You Know About Your Wheels

What’s important when it comes to cars? Their wheels. It’s an integral part to the vehicle that gets people from point A to point B. There’s no other way to

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What Happens When Your Car Crashes Into A Body of Water?

In a worse case scenario, you may experience (or witness) an accident that is out of your comfort zone. You might see a car on fire or a vehicle plunge

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