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Bicycle Accident FAQs

An area of law that personal injury attorneys practice often is bicycle accidents. Similar to other accident causes, common causes of bicycle accidents include speeding drivers, inability to follow road

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Unfortunately, thousands of cases of DUIs occur within the United States each year. Due to the common and dangerous nature of DUIs, it is essential to understand some common facts,

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Defective Car Breaks and Liability

Car accidents happen for countless reasons, including unsafe road conditions, unsafe driving behaviors, speeding, and  in some cases, defective car parts. Because all car parts serve purposes, primarily safety, properly

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Non-Economic Damages for Personal Injury

Personal injury lawsuits involve a massive variety of cases. Personal injury cases include slip and fall accidents, auto accidents, workplace accidents, cruise ship accidents, dog bite injuries, truck accidents, motorcycle

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411 Pain Car Accident Facts you should know

If you follow the 411 Pain blogs, we have always highlighted and emphasized the importance of safe driving practices. 411 Pain is continuously updating our readers about car accident prevention,

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Drinking & Driving 411 Pain Awareness

Drinking & Driving 411 Pain Awareness It’s always sad to hear stories of people getting injured in car accidents. Unfortunately it is very common. However it’s even sadder to find

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The 411: Distracted Driving

Studies show that approximately 6,000 people die every year in the United States from distracted driving. Over 500,000 injuries occur because of distracted driving. Distracted driving can include anything that

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411 Pain News | Driving While Medicated revealed a study showing that 78% of elderly drivers take one or more medications. Of that 78%, only 28% knew that these medications could potentially impair their ability to

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The 411 On Drunk Driving

According to, one in sixty cars has a drunk driver in them during the day in Nebraska. After eleven pm, that number increases significantly. The Nebraska Office of Highway

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