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Should I Visit a Doctor After an Auto Accident, Even If I Do Not Feel Injured?

The most common area of law personal injury attorneys work through is auto accidents. Auto accidents may be minimal fender benders, or detrimental accidents that lead to fatalities. Some parties

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Car Accidents with Ride-Sharing Services

Auto accidents are one of the most common areas that personal injury attorneys work through. In recent years, Americans and people all over the world have witnessed the rapid growth

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Truck Accident FAQS

When auto accidents occur, cooperation and coordination is important for all parties involved. Both drivers must exchange contact information, license plate numbers, drivers license numbers, and document all details of

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Tips for Teaching Teens to Drive

As a parent, there are many milestones your children will reach. One of the major milestones of a teenager is learning how to drive, which is often times taught by

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Safe Following Distances When Driving

In order to prevent car accidents, drivers are encouraged to maintain a considerable distance from cars in front of them. Allowing a safe following distance will almost always guarantee an escape

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School Zone Safety Tips

  As the new school year begins, you may find that your morning drive to work has become a lot more stressful. More drivers will be present on the road

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How to Deal with Morning Fog

On an early morning in Florida, you may notice light or heavy fog outside your window. Fog occurs when the warm moist air comes in contact with lower temperatures resulting

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Road Trip Safety: 3 Preparation Tips

Fourth of July weekend is here, meaning many people will be traveling on the roads. If you are planning to travel this weekend or this summer, it is important to

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Is Eating While Driving Dangerous?

It is early Monday morning and you woke up late for work once again. Since you don’t have time to eat your breakfast at home, you decide to eat it

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Hydroplaning: Everything You Need To Know

Rainstorms bring a lot of dangers to drivers on the road. Not only does the rain limit your visibility, but also increases your chances of hydroplaning. It is important to

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