How To Get Rid of Creepy Crawlers in Your Vehicle

It’s not often to find a cockroach in your car. Therefore it may come as a surprise to you, but many people have experienced it. Don’t feel like you’re the

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What You Need To Know Before You Modify Your Car

You may be thinking about modifying your car for many reasons: You want the car to fit your style You want the engine to sound nice You want your modified

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What You Should Do To Stay Alert While Driving

We know! Traffic is a drag and sometimes you always wonder if you can pull out a book and start reading a chapter or even open up Netflix and watch

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Florida Boating: Know Your Stuff!

The Sunshine State is always the best place to lounge around the sand and swim in the natural blue waters. Most days are considered sunny even when the forecast state

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Legal Steps To Take When You Lose Someone From An Accident

Car accidents are known to be the seventh leading cause of death and is said to jump to fifth place by 2030. It’s also the number one cause of death

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Common Causes of Electric Motor Damages

What are the benefits to an electric motor? First off, its cost is much lower than the traditional engine. It has the same power rating and a longer lifespan (at

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What Climbers Should Know To Prevent An Injury

For the adventurer and active soul, climbing might be on the bucket list. Better yet, indoor climbing might be a frequent activity for others. Weird, right? Florida doesn’t have many

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What Does Flooding Do To Your Car?

It’s that time of year. June is broadcasting the bipolar weather as hurricane season hits South Florida. As people pull out their rain boots and listen to the on and

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What To Do When You Get In Accident Abroad?

If you’re planning on going on a little getaway from your home, you might consider going out of the country. I mean, who wouldn’t? What’s the best way to run

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What To Know About Skate Parks To Prevent Injuries

School is out! That means kids, teenagers and young adults have more time to have fun. You may find more people – especially younger children at the mall, coffee shops,

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