Common Places To Get In A Car Accident

Where do you think most car accidents happen? Probably on the highway, right? Maybe even on busy streets. How about in traffic? Car accidents happen every single day – from

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3 Infamous Car Accidents

Car accidents are the leading cause of death in America. It can happen to anyone – and when we say anyone, we mean anyone. Even pop icons and socialites have

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Public Transportation vs. Commuting: Which is Safer?

Public transportation may play with your patience, but is it worth it if it saves you from an accident that than driving in your car? Think about it. In Florida,

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Do You Know The Cost of Speeding?

We know that many people love speeding. However, before you put the pedal to the medal take in consideration of your life and the others that are accompanying you on

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Avoid The Tricks, Get The Treat: Safety Tips For Halloween

  Are you ready for the tricks? Or do you just want to munch on some treats? Every year many people get ready for Halloween. What’s not to love about

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Why Is My Car Having A Mental Breakdown?

As much as we love our cars, sometimes our cars don’t show their love back – especially if we don’t pay attention to its needs. If your vehicle has decided

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What Type of Driver are You?

When you’re stuck on I-95 staring down a 4 day weekend, it’s only natural that you’re impatient. You decide to move over to your right-hand lane. You assume the person

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Booster or Harness: Which One Is Safer for Children?

There is no doubt that new and experienced parents alike want to do everything they can in order to keep their children safe in the car. Although many parents do

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Dos and Don’ts of Hazard Light Usage

Ever wonder what happens when you push the red triangular button in the center of your car’s dashboard? Well, pressing that button sets off a flash to your rear end

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What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

Car accidents are never easy. Whether it is a major life-changing accident or a minor collision, trauma affects each of us in different ways. Many people don’t like to think

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