Reminder: Be Aware of Commercial Trucks

What do people HATE when they’re driving on the highway? If you said using your turn signal – you might be right, but we are not talking about that. We

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Road Disasters Recap of 2018

We had a few painful accidents last year – one of them hitting home. Sometimes we can’t stop what causes accidents, but sometimes we can. When it comes to reckless

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New Car, New You – The Basics

If you didn’t know what time of the year you should get a car, the time is now! Talk about an amazing holiday present. Most dealership have a quota they

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What You Need To Remember In 2019: Road Safety Edition

The holidays are almost coming to an end. Hanukkah ended, Christmas has passed and Kwanzaa just begun – but in a few weeks it’s back to reality. News Years Eve

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Travel Holiday Tips

It’s that time of year where people travel back home to spend time with their family and hometown friends. Whether it’s by car or by airplane, keep in mind that

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Holiday Home Safety Tips

  Keep in mind that this is the busiest time of the year. Mom will be cooking, dad will be setting up the lights and the kids — well… their

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Mall Safety With Kids!

Even though the holiday sales is a sign to spoil yourself – they are also a sign that kids will also be overflowing Target; especially in the toys section.  During

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Avoid Electric Injury

We know a lot of people are getting into the holiday spirit by decorating their houses inside and out. That means A LOT OF LIGHTS and glitter. However, the trouble

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Holidays Increase Crashes: Be Prepared

It wouldn’t be a surprise to you if we say most accidents happen during this time of the year. With the hustle and bustle of holiday spirit – people are

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Gift Giving – Product Liabilities

The holiday season is perfect for the kids. Majority of the kids love seeing the lights on the houses, endless holiday parties, and of course the gifts. You would think

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