A Short Guide to Car Seats

children are some of the most precious cargo, it is important that we keep them safe in the car. Bucking them up correctly is what will keep them safe in the car.

The general guidlines for the Florida DMV are:

Infant rear facing

Children 1-3 years old, this seat features a harness strap system and a cradle design to protect the child’s neck and spine in a crash.

Child rear facing

children 1-3 years (keep children in a rear-facing position until the child has reached the height or weight maximum described by the manufacturer.

Front facing

This is designed for children 4-7 years or children under 4 years who have outgrown their seat height and weight limit. They have a leather strap system that is safer than a standard seat by for normal children.

Booster seat

Children 8-12 years old or under 8 years old who have outgrown the height and weight maximum it is designed to add extra height so the child can be in the proper position for the seat belt.

Car seat installation tips

  • Read the instructions, its better safe than sorry. a secure seat belt for an infant can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Put the car seat in the passenger row it may seem self-explanatory but it is the safest row for an infant to be in.
  • Make sure to reference the vehicle’s manual to see if your car has an extra.



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