What is Whiplash?

You’ve probably heard about whiplash in a TV commercial or maybe from a friend or family member. You might have a general understanding of what it is — a type

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3 Useful Tips For Driving In Heavy Rain

If you live somewhere where rain can feel like a downpour, learning to drive safely during adverse conditions can be a matter of life and death. Statistics from the National

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3 Important Driving Tips for Teenagers

Being a new driver is one of the exciting moments of a teenager’s life. Having access to driving gives teens access to a bigger slice of the world and affords

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3 Common Road Hazards

Skidding Out of Control  If roads are wet or icy, the potential for skidding can be frightening. If you find yourself in this situation, take your foot off both the

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Defensive Driving 101

It can get crazy out there on the road. Whether it’s pouring rain or blinding sunlight, nature usually doesn’t care about your travel plans. Apart from the weather, there are

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seat belt

Seat belts Are Important… But How Effective Are They?

Decades ago, motor safety advocates were fighting to keep people safe by encouraging them to wear seat belts. Nowadays, wearing a seat belt feels like second nature. After years of

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Everyday habits to avoid when your driving

Distracted driving is defined as driving while doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving. Distracted driving can be taking your eyes off the road, or manual like

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What To Know As A Disabled Driver

Anyone disabled can tell you how it affects his or her ability to drive, especially in the mobile world we live in today. Lucky enough, we also live in a

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Road Hazards On The Highway

Road hazards occur every day. They can happen unexpectedly while doing your regular daily commute. You may get a flat tire, have a car part malfunction, or have something unexpected

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Ciara Involved in car accident/tips while driving pregnant

R&B singer Ciara was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles on Friday, TMZ reports. The singer was making turn in her white Mercedes-Benz SUV when another driver, also

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