5 Steps to Take After a Hurricane

Hurricanes and other natural disasters may be scary and chaotic for those who are living in such conditions. In order to promote safety and feel reassured, people prepare by stocking

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Motorcycle Accident FAQs

All drivers on the road are required to follow regulations, including laws, road signs, and stoplights. All of these regulations and limitations focus primarily on the safety of all drivers

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Truck Accident FAQS

When auto accidents occur, cooperation and coordination is important for all parties involved. Both drivers must exchange contact information, license plate numbers, drivers license numbers, and document all details of

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Apple’s “Do Not Disturb While Driving” Feature

Within recent years, cellphones have become increasingly more dangerous to drivers. Due to advancing technology, there are various cellphone features that are available today that were not previously available. Whether

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Hurricane Irma Relief from 411 Pain

This past month, September 2017, Florida suffered one of the largest, most detrimental hurricanes in history, Hurricane Irma. Floridians and meteorologists were astonished by the storm, as winds reached over

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Tips for Teaching Teens to Drive

As a parent, there are many milestones your children will reach. One of the major milestones of a teenager is learning how to drive, which is often times taught by

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5 Best Practices to Avoid Workplace Injuries

Each year, millions of workers become injured in the workplace. Many workers are injured too severely to continue working and require continuous medical care. Common types of workplace injuries include

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The Best Ways to Avoid Gym Injury

Exercising has various benefits, including accomplishing goals, releasing endorphins, and strengthening muscles. When working out at a gym, there is a probability of injury, due to poor maintenance of equipment

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What To Do After a Theme Park Injury

In the U.S., states hold amusement parks to a high standard of care. Theme parks have a legal obligation to ensure their employees, premises, and rides are safe for visitors.

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What To Know About Self Driving Cars

Within the upcoming years, thanks to advances in radar and data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cameras, autonomous driving technology will accelerate. Advances in technology will enable cars to actually drive

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