How To Prevent Lawn Mower Injuries

Lawn mowers are a great device used to cut our lawns and keep our grass maintained. Though these devices make our yard aesthetically pleasing, they can be extremely dangerous when

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Summer Playground Safety Tips for Kids

Summer is the perfect time to take your kids to the playground and let them have fun. When you take your kids to the playground you must consider some of

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4 Causes of Theme Park Accidents

When you think of theme parks you may imagine a day filled with fun and excitement. Theme parks are a popular summer vacation spot for many people. Florida is home

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When Should I Replace My Vehicle’s Brakes?

Your vehicle’s brakes are a key part to keeping you safe while on the road. Without proper functioning brakes, you could easily find yourself in a vehicle accident. Many drivers

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While Driving

Eating while driving is a common form of distracted driving. Many drivers feel the only time they have to eat is when they are behind the wheel. Though eating while

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Are Fidget Spinners Dangerous for Kids?

Fidget spinners are currently one of the hottest toys of the summer. These spinning, hand-held toys have become a favorite among kids. Recently, W.A.T.C.H. released its summer safety report, listing fidget spinners

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The Dangers of Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

Sitting in the car for a long period of time can become very uncomfortable for your passengers. Your front passenger may find that propping their feet on the dashboard is

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4 Firework Safety Tips

Today is Independence Day, or otherwise known as the Fourth of July. Many people will be spending the day outdoors with their friends and family in celebration of this American

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Road Trip Safety: 3 Preparation Tips

Fourth of July weekend is here, meaning many people will be traveling on the roads. If you are planning to travel this weekend or this summer, it is important to

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Heat Stroke vs. Heat Exhaustion: What’s The Difference?

During the summer, you may find yourself spending a lot of time outdoors. If you are at the beach, working, playing sports, or at an outdoor amusement park you may forget

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