How Roadway Designs Cause Accidents

When car accidents happen, we usually tend to first believe it was due to one of the driver’s fault, but accidents don’t always occur due to driver error. Sometimes, simply

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Making Proper U-Turns

A common mistake prevalent in the state of Florida is making legal U-turns. Many drivers have common misconceptions about when they have the right of way or when it is

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In Honoring Black History Month: Garrett Morgan

The son of former slaves, Garrett Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky, his early childhood was spent attending school and working on the family farm. In 1895, Morgan moved to

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How To Improve Safety For Teen Drivers

Every year, a new crop of beginner drivers, usually teen drivers, hit the streets. Teens are at the biggest risk of any age group to get into a motor vehicle

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5 Foods Not To Eat While Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that drivers who eat and drive increase the odds of an accident by 80%. They continue to say that distracted

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Rules and Tips for Motorists When Turning

Many accidents occur when a driver is in a turn lane to turn left. A left turn can be a dangerous maneuver because the left turning vehicle enters the lane

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5 Simple Ways To Avoid Parking Lot Fender Benders

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the driving world is a fender bender; it happens. No matter how good of a driver you may be, the unpredictability of the

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Work Zone Safety Tips

Roadwork continues to grow throughout this busy time of year. The signs are all around keeping you aware of all the constructions sites ahead and the reality is many accidents

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How To Handle Traffic Jams

Let’s face it, when you are coming home at 5:00 pm from work, you already know what you are going to be faced with: rush hour traffic. We all know

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5 things to do after a traffic accident

1. CALL THE POLICE. Never drive away from the scene of an accident, even a minor one. Even if there are no serious injuries, it is a good idea to

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